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Last Rev is focused on making Contentful easy to use for content creators and engineers.  Our content strategies enable your team to create pages quickly, without a minor in computer science to use it. Book some time to have a free 30-minute Contentful review.

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Last Rev Live Preview in Contentful

All of our integrations come with Live preview built in. Easily see what your page or component will look like immediately. Configure what fields are available in Live Preview and which fields should remain in the default view. This gives you full flexibility to quickly edit standard fields, while advanced access is just a tab away.

The Sidekick is your secret weapon

The Last Rev Sidekick is an open-source browser extension that surfaces page information and enables basic inline editing directly on your website, using Contentful. Users log in with their Contentful account and are able to create content based on page templates approved by your design and creative teams. The Sidekick also provides valuable information to leadership such as SEO results for the page and component information for engineers. Talk to us about how you can use this on your site today!

Take back control of your content management

Contentful is the perfect technology to build modern marketing sites that allow you to scale for the future. Last Rev has worked with the largest companies in the world to ensure that your experience with Contentful is tailored to your needs, while accelerating your ability to deliver new content to multiple places, fast.

Content Modeling

Our Solutions Architects will work with you to develop a content modeling solution that has just the right amount of configuration, without making it overly complicated.

Integrations & UI Extensions

The top reason we love Contentful is the API-first approach to content management. Last Rev focuses on building standard integrations and UI Extensions that enhance the user experience and decrease the amount of time it takes to ship new integrations.


We are a full-service development shop that can handle all of your digital needs. We focus on building reliable technology stacks with automated testing built into every project.

Training & Support

We will ensure your entire team is trained, so they feel empowered to manage the site. We also take great care in ensuring that our projects are well documented.

Talk to us

Do you have questions about Contentful or would you like us to review your current setup? Are you looking at other CMS options and don't know how to compare them?

Book some time on our calendar to get a free review and consultation!