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WordPress Is The Past, Jamstack Is The Future

The JAMstack is an evolution in web architecture. It represents the best of what the web has to offer: speed, flexibility, scalability, and an open developer experience. The future is here and it's fast, cheap, and scalable.


Jamstack provides better performance than WordPress

Jamstack sites outperform WordPress-hosted sites when it comes to page speed, load times, and other important metrics. Jamstack sites are faster because they use client-side rendering, which allows you to control what is rendered on the front end. This also makes it easier to optimize your site since there are fewer variables.

Jamstack websites are cheaper to maintain

Nobody can predict the future, but we believe that in three to five years, every significant website will be static by default. A static site allows you to deploy quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a server-rendered site. Static websites are more cost-effective and provide faster load times.

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Jamstack has better support for integrations.

JAMStack is an architecture for the web that lets you create, manage and scale your entire application without depending on any third party. It uses technologies that are independently useful and can be used in combination with each other to solve different problems. This way you can choose only the tools you want to work with and then combine them to create your own experience.

Jamstack sites are more secure than WordPress

If you run a blog, online store, or any website for that matter, security should be your top priority. When you use WordPress, you're potentially putting your valuable information at risk. Jamstack sites are more secure than WordPress. Top security organizations like Coalition Inc, and Drata choose NextJS and JAMstack over WordPress when building secure websites.

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Content creation and cross-channel distribution are streamlined.

Gone are the days of separate content management systems. Endless hours editing web pages and complex third-party plugins are a thing of the past. Last Rev allows you to create beautiful websites and present your brand. The live editor and sidekick enable your content to create entire pages, even sites in hours, not days.

JAMStack provides a better developer experience.

JAMstack is, best in class, for building modern web applications. With the JAMstack, you get to use the frameworks and libraries that you prefer without worrying about compatibility issues with smartphones or legacy browsers. And with tools like Babel and Webpack, developers can build amazing front-end components that work with smartphones and legacy browsers effortlessly.

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